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Letter Of Credit

Tygul Inc., can provide support to any firm's global trade finance requirements by providing the necessary documentary Letter of Credit to help the corporate cash movement provision.

We as a company can open the required letters of credit to achieve inventory financing requirements for any large or small procurement order through our procurement order financing arrangements, and to give an additional boost to present banking arrangements.                  

Our highly trained staff works with our clients / customers to provide the right trade instruments like Letter of Credit, performance guarantee requirements, cash against document request and others which can be used by our extensive global banking facilities.

With our strong international business relationships, we work across the global banking institutions in conjunction with our expert staff. This create an opportunity for growth and profitability of the client organizations through these alliances.

We help our client to import all kinds of commodity goods to apparel and textiles, and electronic components to consumer appliances and specialty products.

If your company is looking for a strategy to finance goods or to support growth, you can CONTACT US
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• Irrevocable L/C

• Acceptance L/C

• Confirmed L/C

• Stand-by L/C

• Revolving L/C

• Back-to-back L/C

• Red clause L/C

• Transferrable L/C

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